How does Purple Briefcase work? How do I connect with schools? Do I need to be approved first?

With Purple Briefcase, you can request connection to one school of your choosing for free, regardless of whether or not you have an existing relationship with that school. All schools that you have an existing relationship with can send you an invite, which will allow you to post to their communities for free as well. All of the above-mentioned connections would allow you to post an unlimited number of jobs and internship opportunities to those communities, and, should the schools allow it, give you the ability to browse through student profiles as well. 

Here is how you connect with your one FREE school:
1. Sign in to your Purple Briefcase account. 
2. Click over to the my schools page
3. Scroll down to the section labeled request access
4. Select the state of the school that you would like to connect with (NY) and browse the schools. 
5. Once you find a school that you would like to request access to, then click on the request access button under that schools name. 

Once you requested access, the school is notified of your request, and they will review it. The approval / review process can take up to a day or so or be instant, depending on how busy their office is. If you haven't seen an approval email after a day or so, I recommend calling or email the school to inquire. Your requested school's contact info can be found on your My Schools page under the requested connections section. 

If you would like to connect to ALL OF OUR SCHOOLS, then you might be interested in Purple Briefcase PowerConnect, our paid premium service that allows you to request access to all of the schools in Purple Briefcase's nationwide network, regardless of whether or not you have an existing relationship with them. We have billing options for monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions at a cost of $50, $120, and $400 respectively. You can find out more about PowerConnect and get started here:

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