Is there a simple explanation of how Purple Briefcase's job posting process works?

Yes there is!


Posting a job to Purple Briefcase works like this:

You, the employer, creates an account either on your own or through an invite from a school. 


If you are coming in on your own, your next step after creating an account is to request access to connect with school communities via the My Schools section. 

After your request has been approved by a school, you'll be ready to post jobs to that school. 

Each job you post will need to be approved by a Purple Briefcase admin at the schools that you posted your job to. This approval process needs to happen for each job before that job will be published live to the students within that community. 

To submit job postings for approval, fill out your job posting, and set the status of the job to "submit" before clicking on the save button. 

A school admin will then be able to either approve or deny your job posting. When approved, your job's status will be set to "published." A published job is live and viewable to all students within the approved community. 


If you came into create a Purple Briefcase account via an invite from a school community, you'll be able to start posting jobs to that community right away, without having to be approved first. However, each job you post will still need to be approved before they become live and viewable to all students within your pre-approved (invited to) community.




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