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My Channels is a great resource for you in your career preparation.  Purple Briefcase has hundreds of video content showcasing tips, techniques and recommendations to help you land a great opportunity!  Our content is summarized by video channel:

  • Get Noticed.  Content focused on helping you stand out and get noticed in the market. 
  • Be Prepared.  Advise and recommendations on career preparation and what you need to do to land a position.
  • Insiders Edge.  A mini-talk show with individuals in their career, providing their advice and experience to you. 
  • Student Spin.  Students talking about their experiences and how they have been successful in their career exploration. 
  • Digital Dish.  Tech reviews on various apps and career tools.
  • Must See TV.  Featured videos.
  • Quick Tips.  30 second tips to help you uncover advice across the market

All of our videos are hashtagged as well, so you can search by topic and theme. 

Post a comment on a video to discuss and provide your thoughts. 

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