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Creating your Visual Profile allows you to build important tiles that showcase and represent you successes.  Your default Profile status is private.  When you have added your tiles, click the gear icon to make your profile public.  This will allow employers to search you in Purple Briefcase to connect with you.

Tiles are a simple and fun way to create a visual way to learn about you.  Here are some helpful tips for building your Visual Profile:

  • Upload a picture.  You can use a professional picture of yourself or an image that you want employers to see as a representation of you. 
  • Add tiles.  Create tiles for each + box.  Tiles are separated into 6 major categories, with tons of tile options to showcase yourself. 
  • About Me Statement Tile.  In 150 characters or less, create an About Me Statement to highlight yourself to employers.  This statement is searchable by employers so they can learn about your mission/goals.
  • Job Preferences.  You can add job industry/location preferences.
  • Resume Link.  Your resume is attached to your Visual Profile.  You can select which resume you want to make public by clicking on My Resume to highlight the resume you want shown on your Visual Profile.
  • URL Link.  Attach a web link for employers to expand their search of you.  You can add your LinkedIn account, an e-portfolio or your personal web-page geared towards showcasing yourself to employers.
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