New User - where do I start?

Welcome to Purple Briefcase!  As a new user to the platform, you will see there is a lot of content, resources and opportunities to help you succeed.  We recommend the following actions as a new user to Purple Briefcase:

  • Build it - Build your Visual Profile to showcase your successes to employers. Add tiles that match you, creating a interactive and fun snapshot for employers to see you!
  • Search it - Engage with employers, internships, co-ops and jobs to search out the best companies and positions. Favorite a company and get instant alerts with their activity on campus.
  • Watch it - Go to Must See TV or another channel and watch some of our videos. You will learn many tips, tricks and tools.
  • Discuss it - Jump over to Career Chats, post a question, join a discussion, get involved.
  • Upload it - The system allows you to store up to five versions of your resume. Upload at least one version today.
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