How do I get in contact with a student candidate that I would like to interview for a position that I have open?

When viewing a student's profile within the View Students section, you will notice 4 small squares located in the bottom right hand corner of the profile. 

The small square that sits in the bottom right position of this group of small squares has the icon of a document on it. 

Clicking on this square will start an automatic download of this particular student's résumé to your computer. A student's résumé will likely have the contact information that you are looking for. 

Please keep in mind that not all students have chosen to post their résumés to their profile, as it is not a requirement. Some students would prefer that you contact them first, only sending out their résumé after you have requested it. 

If a student has not posted a résumé, they may have added their email address so that you can contact them with opportunities, and to request their résumés. 

To access a student's email address from their profile, look again to the cluster of 4 small squares in the bottom right hand corner of their profile and click on the small square with the @ icon that sits in the upper left corner of the cluster. Clicking on this square will open up an email to them via whatever you use as your default email program. 

If a student hasn't posted their résumé and hasn't posted an email address, and you still want to interview them, we recommend getting directly in touch with their school's career services department. 



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