Employers are posting job opportunities at your school through Purple Briefcase.  You can search positions by many categories (industry, type, etc) as well as do keyword searching on company name, city and state. 

As you review opportunities, you can click apply.  There are 2 ways to apply (and this is set by the employer when they publish the position):

  1. The position will open up a link to attached your resume, cover letter and send a quick email note to the employer.
  2. The position will open up a new webpage with an online ability to apply directly at that employer's webpage. 

Note, if your school has set a requirement that all user's resumes are approved by the Career Center before you can apply, you will not have the ability to apply without an approved resume.  Reach out to your Career Center if your resume has not been approved yet and you are waiting to apply to opportunities.

From the smartphone app, you can click the star to favorite a job opportunity to apply at a later point from your computer.  This is recommended so that you are online to apply.  Your saved job opportunities can be found in the My Activity tab under the My Jobs navigation.

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    LaTonya Henry

    I was looking for help as an administrator on how to change a company name that was incorrectly entered.

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